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Temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair dyes all require unique dyes.  Pylam can provide you with dyes that satisfy multi-national regulations so that you can minimize your R&D and inventory expenses while maximizing the markets that you can serve and the profits that you can earn.  We will create the best color for your products that span everything from spray-on Halloween hair dyes, semi-permanent punk-rock colors, or hair products that are used in the finest salons.


Ex: Basic Dyes, Acid Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Pigments, FDA Certified Colorants and Lakes

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Product Color Samples – below is a small portion of our offering.

Basic Dyes for Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Basic Red 2
Basic Red 1
Basic Red 14
Basic Red 46
Pylam Bright Red
Pylam Bright Pink
Pylam Bright Pink
Pylam Bright Red
Pylam Reddish Orange
Pylam Orange
Pylam Orange A
Basic Yellow 13
Basic Yellow 29
Basic Yellow 40
Basic Green 4
Pylam Green
Pylam Basic Green
Pylam Fluorescent Green
Basic Blue 3
Basic Blue 7
Basic Blue 9
Basic Blue 26
Basic Blue 54
Basic Blue 77
Basic Blue 99
Pylam Turquoise Blue
Pylam Navy Blue
Basic Violet 1
Basic Violet 2
Basic Violet 4
Basic Violet 10
Basic Violet 14
Basic Violet 16
Pylam Violet
Pylam Jet Black
Pylam Jet Black Extra

Acid Dyes for Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Acid Red 18
Acid Red 33
Acid Red 52
Acid Red 92
Acid Orange 7
Acid Orange 10
Acid Orange 24
Acid Yellow 1
Acid Yellow 3
Acid Yellow 23
Acid Green 25
Acid Blue 1
Acid Blue 9
Acid Violet 43
Acid Black 1
Acid Black 52

Disperse Dye for Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Disperse Black 9

Pigments for Temporary Hair Color

FD&C Red #40 Al Lake
D&C Red #6 Ba Lake
D&C Red #7 Ca Lake
D&C Red #21 Al Lake
D&C Red #27 Al Lake
D&C Red #30 Al Lake
D&C Red #33 Al Lake
Iron Oxide Red
FD&C Yellow #5 Al Lake
FD&C Yellow #6 Al Lake
D&C Yellow #10 Al Lake
Iron Oxide Yellow
Hydrated Chromium Oxide
FD&C Blue #1 Al Lake
Brown Iron Oxide
Titanium Dioxide
Black Iron Oxide





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