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Pylam has specific dyes, and combinations of dyes, that are used in laboratory research, and proof-of-concept studies.  We offer dyes that are used in Simons Stains, protein stain analyses, etc.


Ex: pH Indicators, cellular body stains, contrast stains

Product Color Samples – below is a small portion of our offering.

Water Soluble Powder

Acid Red 1
Part of Masson trichrome stain
Acid Red 27
Acid Red 50
Protein tag
Acid Red 52
Protein tag
Acid Red 91
Acid Red 94
Contrast stain; cytoplasm stain; spinal cord stain
Biebrich Scarlet
Direct Red 81
Contrast stain
Eosine Y
Safranin O
Acid Orange 7
Pollen tube stain
Acid Orange 10
Biological stain
Basic Orange 2
Stain for pollen tubes, insects, Golgi apparatus
Phenamine Fast Orange WS
Simon's Stain
Acid Yellow 1
Collagen, muscle stain
Acid Yellow 23
Contrast stain
Acid Yellow 36
Fungi stain
Basic Yellow 2
Direct Yellow 11
Simon's Stain
Thioflavine T
[Basic Yellow 1]
Virus stain
Uranine Conc
Basic Green 1
Malachite Green
Acid Blue 1
Hemoglobin testing
Acid Blue 7
Acid Blue 90
Protein detection in gel-electrophoresis
Acid Blue 93
Contrast stain
Acid Blue 113
Nuclear stain; Nervous system tests
Basic Blue 26
Cilia and flagella stain
Methylene Blue
Basic Violet 1
Gram stain
Gentian Violet (Basic Violet 3)
Basic Violet 4
Nervous tissue stain
Basic Violet 10
Direct Violet 9
Simon's Stain
Basic Brown 1
Acid Black 1
Protein separation stain in chromatography


Below pH 8.2
Color changes between pH 8.3 - 10.0

Alizarine Red S

Below pH 3.7
Above pH 5.4

Neutral Red

Below pH 6.8
Above pH 8.0

Phenol Red

Below pH 6.8
Above pH 8.4

Bromo Phenol Blue SS

Below pH 3.0
Above pH 4.6

Thymol Blue Water Soluble

Below pH 7.5
Between pH 7.6 - 9.5
Above pH 9.6

Water Soluble Liquid

Direct Red 236
Fluorescent cellulosic stain

Solvent Soluble Powder

Solvent Red 3
Fat stain
Solvent Red 24
Fat stain
Solvent Red 27
Fat stain
Solvent Orange 3
Solvent Blue 38
Myelin-sheath stain
Solvent Black 3
Fat stain

Powder Pigment

Pigment Blue 27
Vascular and lymphatic stain





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