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Color for Every Product

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  • Adhesives

    Pylam has the full spectrum of colors for nearly any adhesive application. Our solvent dyes are used globally in epoxies and cyanoacrylates.

  • Agriculture

    Pylam sells specially-formulated herbicide dyes to assist in signaling where the product has been applied and in assessing if re-spraying is needed.

  • Automotive

    Pylam sells a wide variety of dyes and colorants for all types of automotive products, including antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, soaps, cleansers, washes, polishes, waxes, and deicers.

  • Candles and Waxes

    Pylam’s highly-concentrated and brightly-colored dyes are offered for soy, bee, and paraffin wax candles. We also offer dyes for gel candles and our liquid dyes can be used in many candle applications too.

  • Cleaning Products

    Pylam sells a full spectrum of colors for all types of soap and cleansing products. Our dyes give your product the attractive and indicative look your customers expect to see, and we can help you find just the right shade to help your product stand out on the store shelf.

  • Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics

    Pylam attains lot certification directly from the US Food and Drug Administration for all FDA certified colorants. We sell dyes for food, cosmetics, drugs, and all other related needs. We also blend certified dyes to reach the shade you desire.

  • Fur & Feather

    Pylam Products provides a wide range of dyes including vivid, earth-toned, and muted colors for your feather and fur needs.

  • Hair

    Temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair dyes all require unique dyes. We will create the best color for your products that span everything from spray-on Halloween hair dyes, semi-permanent punk-rock colors, or hair products that are used in the finest salons.

  • Indicators

    Whether you need a colorant that exhibits fugitive properties, or undergoes changes in shade due to pH, we have a product that will meet your needs.

  • Industrial Applications

    Pylam Products has a wide range of colors, and the ability to blend colors, so that you can differentiate your products in your facility or in the marketplace.

  • Inks

    Pylam has various ink grade dyes available for your strict parameters. Pylam can support you by offering dyes that enhance security features in checks, dyes for markers, or dyes and colorants for ink jet and laser printers.

  • Laboratory & Research

    Pylam has specific dyes, and combinations of dyes, that are used in laboratory research, and proof-of-concept studies. We offer dyes that are used in Simons Stains, protein stain analyses, etc.

  • Leak Tracing

    Trace plumbing leaks, leaks in reservoirs, leaks in hydraulic systems, leaks in water systems, leaks in oil systems. Pylam has offered a spectrum of brightly colored dyes that are specifically designed for being used in tracing leaks.

  • Lubricants

    Pylam’s extensive array of oil-soluble and water-soluble dyes can be utilized in most lubrication functions. Consult with us to identify the desired shade of dye that will meet your rigorous applications. Our lot-to-lot consistency will facilitate you in managing your production cycle and bringing to market a premier lubricant.

  • Natural Colorants

    Natural colorants offer amazing coloring options for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re seeking an “eco” label, or you simply want to use natural ingredients, the full color spectrum can be attained by using natural colorants, and we will gladly work with you by offering these time-tested products.

  • Non Destructive Testing

    Pylam Products offers a broad array of water soluble dyes, solvent soluble dyes, and optical brighteners all of which are specifically designed and selected so that you can evaluate your products without causing damage. Our fluorescent colorants will help ensure that you can inspect your products both in natural light and in the presence of a blacklight.

  • Oil Field

    Pylam offers the highest grade colorants for a wide variety of oil field applications. We understand the needs present in the oil and gas drilling environment, giving us the ability to help you clearly distinguish different ground materials, one of several critical functions that our dyes and colorants can help you accomplish.

  • Optical Brighteners

    Pylam Products has a broad assortment of optical brighteners that are used in everything from detergents and soaps, to lubricating oils, leak tracers, security devices, electronics, waxes, and paper products.

  • Paint, Coatings, & Stains

    Whether you are seeking the trendiest shade in paints or even if you are trying to replicate an iconic color for your stain, Pylam can outfit you with the dyes and pigments that will thrive in your product. Our dyes and colorants can be specially blended for your water-based or oil paints, wood stains, or anodizing needs.

  • Plastics

    We have the full spectrum of shades for products that range from the new, cutting-edge fishing lure, to optical lenses and nylon strings. Consult with us so that we can help you bring your product to market faster, and so that your plastic components are dyed in brilliant, deep, rich shades.

  • Paper & Paper Products

    Whether you are dyeing paper for decorative purposes or for scientific evaluations Pylam can provide you with the most suitable colorant.

  • Personal Care

    Pylam has the full range of FDA certified dyes for perfumes and our custom shades can intensify the distinct look of your product when it’s on display. We also have technical grade dyes for scented oils and reed dispersion products.

  • Pet & Animal Care

    Using FDA certified colorants for your pet’s food, treats, drugs, and grooming products not only promotes their wellbeing but also aligns with best-practices. All of our FDA approved dyes can be custom blended to meet your specific needs and purpose.