Customers who partner with Pylam realize tremendous value. Our inventory, adaptable services, and
top-quality products yield unmatched value in the colorant industry.


Pylam is here for you. We are dye and color experts. When you partner with Pylam you

get access to our products, services and benefits. 


Custom blending services.

We can match any shade, in nearly any product, and you will receive the same shade each and every time you purchase from Pylam.

Rapid response and customer support services.

We take pride in providing quick response to your questions and needs. We do all we can to make your use of our products as effective and efficient as possible.

Shade identification for product differentiation and product enhancement.

We can help you find the right shade for your product, enabling your product to stand out from the competition.

The highest quality colorants.

We have extremely high standards. Our colorants are offered specifically for their high quality and coloring characteristics.

Fast order fulfillment

Most orders ship within one to two business days, even custom blends.

Full range of order and package sizes.

Our package sizes start at one pound, even for your custom blends.

Highly concentrated dyes and colorants.

Our products predominantly cost fractions of a penny per application.

An Inventory Covering the Entire Color Spectrum.

We carry thousands of dye, pigment, lake, and natural colorants in our inventory.

Best-in-class packaging.

Expertly packed containers with the highest quality packing materials and attention to detail

No one can match the combined offering of our vast inventory, rapid shipment, ultra-high quality products, flexible support and full range of package sizes.

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