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About Pylam Dyes

Dyes, Pigments, and Colorants of Every Type and Shade…For Every Product

Pylam is an industry-leading supplier of dyes, pigments, and colorants to the global marketplace. Our colorants are used in an extensive array of products that range from everything including but not limited to cosmetics, soaps, candles, plastics, and industrial applications, for example. We focus on providing the highest-grade products with an unsurpassed level of support and flexibility. We offer a wide range of package sizes of all colorants including commodity items and custom-made blends designed to satisfy exacting specifications.

Pylam Products Company, Inc. was founded in 1919 in Manhattan, New York with a mission to provide an unmatched combination of the best quality colorant products and a very high level of customer care and service. As our company grew and evolved over time, we maintained our focus on keeping the demanding needs of our customers as our top priority. As a result, we earned the reputation of being the premier dye and colorant provider focusing on the highest quality products, flexible package sizes, rapid order fulfillment, and custom color blending. Please read more about our unsurpassed value offering, and you will learn why we service an extremely loyal customer base.


Pylam Advantage

Pylam’s operations are concentrated in our company headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. We inventory every product we sell in our Arizona facility, and we ship all orders directly from this point. This means that our quality control operations are overseen and conducted only by our staff, and not by a third party. From the moment you place an order, to the minute the material is prepared and shipped, every element of fulfilling, preparing, blending, and packaging the order is carried out by our highly trained and dedicated staff of dye and colorant experts.

Today, Pylam has stayed true to its founding mission. We devote a great deal of effort and resources towards ensuring that we have a complete and deep inventory of every color that every one of our customers may want to purchase at all times. While this work and effort may not be transparent to our customers, we do it with pride, as we know that the convenience and ease of doing business with Pylam is of great importance to our customers.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. Our dedicated customer service staff is always happy to speak with new, old, and prospective customers about how we can help them overcome their dye and color-related challenges and needs. Contact Us