What is Ultramarine Blue?

Ultramarine Blue is one of the most sought-after pigments.  Historically, Ultramarine Blue (a.k.a. Lapis lazuli) was mined from the earth, and it was prized for its deep blue hues when used in paints.  However, the colorant was prohibitively expensive and often cost more than gold. Nearly 100 years ago Ultramarine Blue became much more affordable when it was synthesized in a lab and manufactured by the ton.  Now, the colorant is used in a large number of applications due to its brilliant color and its suitability in many applications.

Is Ultramarine Blue FDA compliant?

Ultramarine Blue is one of several colorants which is exempt from FDA lot certification in accordance with Title 21 Part 73 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  We offer grades of Ultramarine Blue which are compliant with worldwide cosmetics regulations including US FDA rule 21CFR73.2725, European Union Regulation (EC) 1223/2009, Japanese cosmetic rules, and Chinese Inventory of Existing Cosmetics Ingredients in China (IECIC edition 2014).  

What applications can Ultramarine Blue be used on?

Cosmetic grade Ultramarine Blue is commonly used in products including soaps, face makeup, eye makeup, and nail coatings.  Industrial grade forms of Ultramarine Blue are commonly used as a “bluing agent” to whiten yellowish soaps and papers, and this helps make those products appear “cooler.”  Ultramarine Blue is also used in paints, resins, lacquers, enamels, inks, rubber, plastics, cement, soaps, and detergents. 

Ultramarine Blue has long-standing brilliance and permanence.  Moreover, Ultramarine Blue has excellent lightfastness, it is resistant to alkali pH, it is easy to disperse, and it demonstrates temperature stability up to 400 ⁰C (752 ⁰F) which makes it suitable for use in various thermoplastic resins.

Pylam Dyes Ultramarine Blue

We offer various forms of Ultramarine Blue in package sizes which range from 1 pound jars to 110 pound drums.  Please contact us and we will gladly work with you to find the most appropriate form of Ultramarine Blue for your application.

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