CAS# 5850-86-2

General Description: Water soluble dye in the Monoazo family of colorants.  This dye is commonly used for the coloration of assorted industrial cleaning products including soaps and detergents, wool, nylon fibers, silk, jute, paper, anodized aluminum, leather, and shoe polish.

Type: Acid

Color: Orange

Number: 8

CAS#: 5850-86-2

Color Index #: 15575

Appearance: 15575

Shade (in solution): Orange

Solubility: Soluble in water

Lightfastness: 3-6 [AATCC; 8 is highest]

Usage Rate: Commonly used at 0.001 – 0.50% by weight

pH Stability: Expected to be most stable in pH 1-13