CAS# 3567-69-9

General Description: Water soluble dye from the Monoazo family of colorants.  This dye is commonly used for the coloration of industrial cleaning products including soaps, detergents, automotive cleaners, water soluble adhesives, inks, anodized aluminum, paper, wood, silk, nylon, and wool. 

Type: Acid

Color: Red

Number: 14

CAS#: 3567-69-9

Color Index #: 14720 

Appearance: Red powder

Shade (in solution): Red

Solubility: Soluble in water and various polar solvents

Lightfastness: 2-6 [AATCC; 8 is the highest]

Usage Rate: This dye is commonly used at 0.0005 – 1.0% by weight.  Usage will vary based on the desired coloring effect.

pH Stability: Expected to be most stable in pH 1-13