CAS# 71566-55-7

General Description: Solvent dye from the Disazo (1:2 Cobalt Complex) family of colorants. This is a mid-shade red dye with excellent solubility in varied polar solvents. This dye is commonly used for coloring inks, lacquers, varnish, stains, hot stamp metal foils, films, coatings, and adhesives. This dye is regarded for is great saturation, coloring strength, and transparency.

Type: Solvent

Color: Red

Number: 125

CAS#: 71566-55-7

Appearance: Red powder

Shade (In Solution): Red


Ethanol ~300g/L
Ethoxypropanol ~700g/L
Isopropanol <10g/L
Methanol ~25g/L
MEK ~900g/L
MIBK ~600g/L
Acetone ~300g/L
Butyl Acetate <10g/L
Ethyl Acetate <50g/L
Methoxyproply ~400g/L

Lightfastness: Fair [AATCC]

Usage Rate: Commonly used at 0.005 – 5.0% by weight

* Solubility values are “typical” and do not reflect lot-by-lot calculations