CAS# 92257-31-3


General Description: Solution of dye from Azo chemical family. This high flash solvent soluble dye solution is commonly used for coloring oils, fuels (for theft-deterrence and for tax-related purposes), petroleum products, fats, waxes, greases, lubricants (ex: transmission fluid), hydraulic fluid, inks, and assorted resins.

Type: Solvent

Color: Red

Number: 164

CAS#: 92257-31-3

Appearance: Dark red liquid

Shade (In Solution): Red

Solubility: Xylene; assorted non-polar solvents

Usage Rate: Commonly used at a rate of 1 ounce of dye by weight per 100 gallons of product oil, or 1 ounce of dye by weight per 150 pounds of wax. Inks and stains may use the dye at 5% or greater. Usage rate may fall outside of general guidelines.