CAS# 81-48-1


General Description: Solvent soluble dye from the Anthraquinone family of colorants. This dye is commonly used for coloring oils, fats, waxes, greases, stains, petroleum products, solvent based adhesives, plastics, and resins. This dye is sometimes uses to make resins and plastics less yellow, and appear whiter in color. This dye is often used for coloring resins including but not limited to PC, PS, PMMA, and PVC.

Type: Solvent

Color: Violet

Number: 13

CAS#: 81-48-1

Appearance: Violet powder

Shade (In Solution): Violet

Solubility: Xylene, non-polar solvents

Lightfastness: 6-8 in transparent resins [8 is best]

Usage Rate: Typically used at 0.01% and lower