CAS# 8005-40-1


General Description: Solvent soluble dye from the Anthraquinone family of colorants. This dye is commonly used for coloring oils, fats, waxes, greases, lubricants, stains, petroleum products, and solvent-based adhesives. This dye is often used for coloring plastics and resins including PS, PMMA, ABS, polyester, and nylon.

Type: Solvent

Color: Violet

Number: 14

CAS#: 8005-40-1

Appearance: Violet powder

Shade (In Solution): Red-violet

Solubility: Xylene, non-polar solvents

Lightfastness: 5-7 in transparent resins [8 is best]

Usage Rate: In resins and lubricants, typically used at 0.05% and lower