CAS# 467-63-0


General Description: Solvent soluble dye from the Triarylmethane family of colorants. This dye is commonly used for coloring inks including ribbon and printing inks, copy papers, solvent and alcohol-based industrial cleaning products, stains, waxes, adhesives, and shoe polishes. often used in This dye is commonly used for coloring inks, stains, and adhesives.

Type: Solvent

Color: Violet

Number: 9

CAS#: 467-63-0

Appearance: Purple powder

Shade (In Solution): Purple

Solubility: Assorted alcohols and fatty acids including oleic, stearic and other fatty acids. This dye is highly soluble in ethanol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, and select non-polar solvents.

Lightfastness: Poor [AATCC]

Usage Rate: Typically used at 5% and lower