Our selection of non destructive testing (NDT) colorants



Pylam Products offers a broad array of non-destructive testing colorants which are available as water-soluble dyes, solvent-soluble dyes, and optical brighteners. These colorants are specifically designed to assist you in the evaluation of your products without causing damage. Our fluorescent NDT colorants will allow you to safely inspect your products in both natural light and with the use of a blacklight.

Our colorants for non-destructive testing are highly concentrated, providing an economical means for inspecting for cracks, ensuring that coatings are evenly applied, and investigating other products which cannot be thrown out or discarded. We will work with you to ensure you select the most appropriate non-destructive colorants for your specific needs, application, and testing purposes.

Ex: Acid Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Optical Brighteners

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Fluorescent Water Soluble Powder

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Fluorescent Water Soluble Liquid

Water Soluble Optical Brighteners

Water Soluble Liquid Optical Brightener

Fluorescent Oil Soluble Powder

Fluorescent Oil Soluble Liquid

Solvent Soluble Optical Brighteners