Our selection of colorants for a wide variety of oil field applications



Pylam offers the highest grade colorants for a wide variety of oil field applications. We understand the needs present in the oil and gas drilling environment, giving us the ability to help you clearly distinguish different ground materials, one of several critical functions that our dyes and colorants can help you accomplish.

Another common use for our dyes in oil field applications is for leak tracing purposes. Often oil wells suffer from water leaks—water may leak from one well and travel underground to nearby wells—and our dyes make it possible to determine the origin of these leaks. Whatever needs you may have on the oil field, Pylam’s top quality dyes and pigments are tested and proven to help solve problems, improve efficiency, and streamline your processes. Along with our ability to produce the exact shade you desire, we will provide the right type of colorant to work with whatever solvents and materials are present in your product. Use our color selector tool to find the perfect shade you desire, fill out our sample request form, and contact us today to find the perfect colorant you need.

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Water Soluble Powder for Leak Tracing

Water Soluble Liquid

Water Soluble Liquid for Leak Tracing

Solvent Soluble Powder

Solvent Soluble Liquid

Water Soluble Powder Optical Brightener

Water Soluble Liquid Optical Brightener

Solvent Soluble Powder Optical Brightener